Only professional world brands are represented in our salon


Amazon Series is an American hair cosmetics brand. Completely natural composition without sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and other artificial ingredients. Excellent home hair care lines. There are herbal keratin products that are very effective and make you really love this brand.


Artistic is an improved formula of gel polish (it dries quickly in an LED lamp) of excellent quality, durability and safe composition. Provides a wide range of colors.


Deep hardware detoxification of the skin to the level of the dermis, saturation of cells with useful substances. Safe and delicate treatment. Provides deep cleansing of the skin, at the cellular level, nourishes, moisturizes, improves complexion, and a lifting effect is noticeable. It is possible to saturate the skin with dosed valuable serums using the action of the apparatus.


Spanish professional premium cosmetics. The highlight of this cosmetics are unsurpassed alginate masks, which cover the entire face and neck, including the skin of the eyelids and lips. It is a combination of high quality alginate, algae and plants. The effect of the mask is so good that it replaces the whole facial procedure.


CND Shellac - good quality gel polishes. Large selection of colors.


An expert in the world of aromatherapy. Decleor cosmetics and professional care techniques gently balance and healthy skin, revealing its true beauty. Emphasis is placed on moisturizing, nourishing, relaxing, balancing and softening the skin. Natural extracts and oils of neroli, ylang-ylang, angelica, rose petals, flax seeds, etc. are used.


The zest of this French brand lies in the precise scientific approach, high technology, quality of ingredients and production. Special formulas have been created to solve various skin problems.


This brand is distinguished by the unsurpassed quality of Japanese technology, embodied in cosmetics. The company does not use hazardous synthetic additives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, mineral oil and surfactants. The distinctive features of these cosmetics are a completely natural and safe gel base that replenishes lipids in the skin, ionic powder that promotes health and beauty, and nucleic acids that repair cell damage, thereby rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.


This is a French brand of "cellular" cosmetics, specializing in rejuvenation programs. Has his own research institute and experience in scientific development for over 30 years.
Presented in the salon with peels, cryotherapy and luminotherapy.


Forlle'd is a Japanese low molecular weight cosmetics. Its "calling card" is the patented low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and many other substances necessary for the skin. This cosmetics is able to penetrate deeply into the skin, replenishing the reserves of missing elements and at the same time has a mild effect, soothing the skin.


Gehwol is a German professional medical cosmetics for hand and foot skin care. High quality formulations based on herbal extracts (pine, thyme, thyme, mint, chamomile, sage, lavender, etc.) and essential oils - solve the problems of any skin of feet and heels. Gehwol creams give excellent results and are pleasant to use.


Hahonico is an elite Japanese brand of hair care cosmetics. An innovative company that produces unique products for the treatment and reconstruction of hair.


La Ric - French salon cosmetics for hand and foot skin care. Masks, oils, serums, scrubs and many other products allow you to perform quality skin care.


Lebel is one of the top professional hair brands in Japan. It is used in business and premium class salons. Known for its effective and safe shampoos. Popular with many stars of show business and cinema. Her arsenal has literally everything for Spa hair care and home care products.


L'Oreal Professionnel - French salon hair cosmetics. Has an instant effect, a wide range of products for different types of hair. Its highlight is styling products, sprays, hair oils and resuscitation products for very dry and damaged hair.


LPG is a premium-class device for carrying out lipomassage on the body, occupying a leading position in aesthetic medicine in the world. In the fight against the "orange peel" it gives visible and quick results. Fights stagnation and breaks down fat deposits, facilitating their early removal from the body and even distribution under the skin. The areas of the legs, arms, back, abdomen are being worked out. The device also provides a nozzle for massage of the face and chin area. An excellent solution for contour modeling and skin tone lifting.


Marcia is an Italian brand that has become very popular thanks to the development of high-quality and hair-safe keratin alignment. Solves the problem of dull curly or damaged hair.


This cosmetics was created by a cosmetologist to help every woman preserve youth and natural beauty for a long time. Solves the needs of the skin thanks to the formulas of the compositions, providing not only care, but also the intelligent health of the skin. Meder is the smart approach to healthy skin and youthfulness.


High quality Italian cosmetics. Its uniqueness lies in its patented programs. The company specializes in effective peeling complexes.


OPI - excellent quality and safety of nail polishes. Huge selection of varnishes in different colors.


O'Rising is an Italian expert company in the treatment of hair and scalp. It has its own research laboratory and is engaged in innovations in this area. It focuses on the completely natural, pure composition of its phyto-remedies, which are mostly produced in glass ampoules to preserve all the healing properties of plants and oils. It is very effective in treating the scalp and restoring healthy hair follicles and beautiful hair along its entire length.


Rene Furterer is a French brand of hair cosmetics. This is a phyto-cosmetic that not only cares for the hair, but is also very pleasant to use thanks to its valuable herbal extracts and aromatic oils. Styling products with a natural effect and healing care are a great advantage of this cosmetics.


This is non-injection microdermabrasion and apparatus biorevitalization, completely safe and does not require rehabilitation.

Microdermabrasion with Skin Solution is very delicate and effective, due to the possibility of even working out the skin surface, with a precisely defined depth of impact. This is an irreplaceable procedure that instantly refreshes the skin, erases traces of fatigue, unevenness, imperfections, helping the skin get rid of old cells and breathe and renew itself with renewed vigor.

The latest developments of European scientists have helped to create individual tips for each client, the most effective and safe for the skin. With the help of them, it is possible to introduce beneficial substances deep into the skin, by creating the smallest microchannels, without puncturing the skin. This is how injection-free biorevitalization was born.


Sothys is a professional French luxury cosmetics, aimed at results, with a delicate aroma, effective organic composition, certified by ECOCERT. The company is engaged in innovative developments, a number of its developments include ampoule concentrates, disinfectant, high-quality oxygen and moisturizing cosmetics.


Tecna is an Italian hair cosmetics rich in quality composition, very effective and extremely pleasant to use.


Thalgo is a luxury French marine cosmetics. Its formulas are based on seaweed, trace elements, vitamins, plankton and other components that are beneficial for the skin, bestowed by the sea. Effective for both body and face. Significantly improves the skin and fights cellulite, gives tone and hydration to the skin, relieves puffiness and saturates with sea minerals. Marine cosmetics are always curative and have undeniable benefits. Used in the finest Spas in the world.


Ultratone is a luxury muscle myostimulation device. With the help of it, you can locally improve the relief of individual zones, improve microcirculation in them and strengthen precisely those muscles that are difficult to train (triceps, inner thighs, buttocks, etc. In face programs, it increases skin turgor, muscle tone, softens facial expressions , relieving muscle tension, which has a beneficial effect on the beauty of the face.


Wella Professionals is a famous German brand of professional hair cosmetics. Loved by many stylists for its performance and always excellent effect on the hair. Offers a wide range of home care and styling products. Famous for its high-quality paint formulations and gentle toning with a wide color palette.


French aromatherapy and phyto cosmetics. The heart of the cosmetics is 5 quintessences of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme essential oils. Programs have been developed for both young skin and anti-age. The philosophy of the brand is that the harmonization of the inner state is an integral part of beauty, and also that all the best can be taken from nature, saturated with energy and strength from plants.


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